The Maxim Korea Photo-shoot
14 May. 2013

The Maxim Korea Photo-shoot

Driving through Beverly Hills, cruising by all the beautiful homes reminds me of the day I shot with photographer Michael Vincent for a feature in the May 2013 Maxim Korea issue…yes, South Korea I’m talking about. :D










Michael Vincent is always a pleasure to work with. I’ve been working with Vincent and Tal B., his wife and business partner, for a few years now…I am always impressed with how the final images turn out! For this shoot, Tal B. put together wardrobe looks for me consisting of Pinkini Swimwear and a variety of hot accessories.










This was the last look of the day, and for all you models out there, you know what that means…now you’re able to get wet (sometimes dirty) and have fun!! It’s always such a shame though knowing that the hair-stylist went through so much work only to have it get drenched in the pool fountain at the end of the day. Psst…Ruby Academy of Beauty and Joel Morales I am very grateful. :D


















I’ll never forget this shoot…I ended up screaming like a mad woman, because I giant bee latched onto my bikini during this last shot. Vincent and the video crew Oncore Marketing & Media put the cameras down to assist with my bee problem…yes, they were thoughtful enough to not get that in the behind the scenes video.  Although, it probably could have won the grand prize on America’s Funniest Home videos or one great Youtube video!! Luckily, I did not get stung!! LOL!

Check out the video from this shoot!!

Go behind the scenes of a Maxim Shoot with Jennifer Irene from Jennifer Irene Gonzalez on Vimeo.

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